Saturday, 11 June 2016

Half Season

Jan - June

"It's important to know that at the end of the day it's not the medals you remember. What you remember is the process -- what you learn about yourself by challenging yourself, the experiences you share with other people, the honesty the training demands -- those are things nobody can take away from you whether you finish twelfth or you're an Olympic Champion."
-Silken Laumann, Canadian Olympian

18 acara:
1. 75km - WG16hrs Putrajaya 
2. 47km - UiTM Shah Alam 
Full Marathon (s) 
3. Twin City Cyberjaya 
4.Delima Langkawi 
5. Perlis
Half Marathon (s) 
6. Shah Alam 
7. Alor Setar 
8. UEM Persada Subang 
9. MHWH Night Run Penang 
10. Melaka Heritage City 
11. Muar 
12. Nilai 
10km (s) 
13. Shamrock
14. Warrior Trail 
15. Bomba KL
16. Bomba Jerai 
18. Save Our Rain Forest 
1. Route 68
2. Onesie Run

Seronok bersua rakan2 pelari sepanjang January - June. Moga bersua di lain masa.

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