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25 APRIL 2016 

Terima kasih The Running Project, MyNic, 10Sense atas tayangan amal Langtang: Summit of My Life 3, bersama rakan-rakan pelari di GSC IOI City Mall malam ini.
Langtang is the story of a journey to the heart of Nepal. In April 2015, ultra runner Kilian Jornet is preparing for an expedition to Everest as part of his project, ‘Summits of My Life’, together with alpinist Jordi Tosas and filmmaker S√©bastien Montaz-Rosset.

Two days before departure, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal with devastating effect and Jordi’s beloved Langtang Valley is all but eradicated.

Putting their original objective to one side, the team travels to Nepal with the hope of offering help in the place that they hold in their hearts.

As the rhododendron flowers of Langtang herald the arrival of spring, nothing can prepare them for the level of destruction they find as they make their precarious way up a valley ripped apart by the force of nature.

The friends encounter unfailing generosity and are welcomed wherever they go, as communities take stock and do whatever they can to continue their lives with the little they have. A recurring phrase becomes the mantra of the moment - ‘We will rise again!’
Langtang is an ode to life, a tribute to hope and a search for new horizons. ~

 To donate, please visit here : langtangdisaster.org

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