Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Warrior Trail Malaysia

Warrior Trail Malaysia
Semenyih Eco Ventures Resort  
30-31 January 2016 

1. I survived Warrior Trail 2016, my very first obstacles challenge after 10 years. Almost 10km trails + 25 obstacles.

2. I have love - hate relationship with some of the obstacles. I am afraid of height and made "drama" on top of the container platform.

3. Personally, I love the trails part of the challenge. Hilly rubber estate gave a shades under the hot sun. There was a beautiful river stream inside the estate. River crossing were awesome too. Some obstacles required you to dive in mud. What a fun challenge. 

4. My team and I finished the challenge after more than 4hours. We had stopped here and there. We had fun all the way and supported each other.Teamwork plays a big role for us today.

5. Overall, I had a great experience with WT. Yesterday (30 January), I came as supporters, volunteers, and today I did experience the challenge. WT was fairly organized with some room for improvement. Congrats to all: organiser, crews, participants, volunteers, and supporters.

For more information about Warrior Trail Malaysia, you can visit http://warriortrail.my/ .

For more pictures and my personal experiences, you can visit my facebook and instagram.

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