Thursday 16 June 2016

A Mystical Ramadan at IOI City Mall

 A Mystical Ramadan at IOI City Mall Celebrating Ramadan in a joyous Moroccan-inspired settings 

14 June 2016, Putrajaya – In the spirit of Ramadan, IOI City Mall launched its ‘A Mystical Ramadan’ celebration that are set to delight shoppers with a joyous festive celebration inspired by Moroccan mystical touches. 

Unique Touches for an Unforgettable Festive Celebration

 Mystical, inspirational, artistic are just a few of the words used to describe the wonders of Morocco, a country immersed with the uniqueness of cultural and landscaping elements. This festive season, IOI City Mall transformed its Ramadan décor to reflect the striking and exquisite representations of Moroccan’s architectural prides. “Morocco is always filled with variety of elements, in which all of these elements are harmoniously blended and balanced to tell an intriguing story. Similarly, at IOI City Mall, our elements of Tastes, Trends and Adventures delivers a fulfilling and inspiring experience among our shoppers. As such, this year, the Moroccan-theme is selected to reflect the symbolic representations of both Morocco and IOI City Mall in delivering endless wonders to the world,” said Chris Chong, Complex General Manager of IOI City Mall. Constructed in the middle of Lower Ground Floor Centre Court of the mall, the Moroccan Square takes pride as the main highlight of the festive décor. Featuring an iconic wooden-handcrafted arch, the Moroccan Square is also surrounded with distinctive and vibrant Moroccan motif patterns, aesthetic appealing palm trees, pedestal fountains and camels display. ‘A Mystical Ramadan’ is set to deliver an unforgettable festive season celebration from now until 10 July 2016. 

Shopping Spree for All the Festive Must Haves 

Throughout the festive season, shoppers will be delighted with wide array of merchandises as they shop through the unique marketplace scattered at Lower Ground Centre Court, Lower Ground East Wing, Lower Ground West Wing, Ground Floor East Wing and Ground Floor West Wing of the mall. Ranging from hampers and festive delicacies by Ann’s Bahulu, Rendang Atuk, Siti Cookies and Yin Onn (KL), to traditional costumes, clothing and accessories by Airaz, Alain Delon, Alharaman, EMZN, Fareeda, Galazy Dream, John Master, Lovely Lace, Lovely Lace Baby, Orlando, T&E, TimeKeeper, Tucz, and Zurfauzie Classic, to fragrances by Gucci and Ralph Lauren, to craft items by Karyaneka, to carpets by Pak Persian Collection and books by BORDERS, all offerings are set to complete shoppers festive shopping experience this season. In addition to the marketplace, the mall is also extending its business hours until 11pm from 24 June to 3 July 2016. “We understand that there is just so much to prepare for the festive season, so we are extending our business hours, allowing shoppers to shop in convenience,” Chris commented. 

Endless Rewards with Redemptions Galore 

In partnership with HSBC, throughout the festive period, shoppers will be rewarded for shopping at IOI City Mall. With a minimum spend of RM150 (RM80 for HSBC Cardmember) in a single receipt, shoppers will receive a set of Raya green packets. Additionally, for spending of RM350 (RM250 for HSBC Cardmember) in a single receipt, shoppers can redeem either 3 sets of Raya green packets or an exclusive porcelain tableware. Redemptions are available at Ground Floor Information Counter, while stocks last and must be made on the same day of purchase. The redemptions however are not valid for transactions made at GSC, HomePro, Index Living Mall, Parkson, Tesco, Icescape, Currency Exchangers and any forms of bill payments.

 A New Drive for the Festive Celebration 

Sponsored by Citroën, the mall is also running the ‘Joyous Drive Contest’, where shoppers who spend a minimum of RM350 in a single receipt will stand a chance to win a brand new Citroën C4 Picasso. This contest is however not valid with transactions made at GSC, HomePro, Index Living Mall, Parkson, Tesco, Icescape, Currency Exchangers and any forms of bill payment. Shoppers are required to fill up and submit the contest form at Ground Floor Information Counter. Live draw and winner will be announced on 31 July 2016 (Sunday), where qualified attendees will be rewarded with F&B vouchers to dine at the stunning waterfront and al-fresco unique dining concept of The Symphony Walk, located at the ground floor of the mall. Overlooking the golf course and lush greenery, The Symphony Walk promises a refreshing dining experience as it also features dancing musical fountains and dazzling lights from Mondays to Thursday at 7.20pm, 8.00pm, 8.30pm, 9.00pm and 9.30pm, whereas from Fridays to Sundays, it plays at 7.20pm, 8.00pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 10.00pm respectively. Whether during daytime or night-time, The Symphony Walk delivers more than just a dining experience to its patrons.

 Mesmerizing Experiences for the Senses

 The month-long campaign will also constantly dazzle patrons with various festive performances and fun-filled activities during the Public Holidays and weekends. “At IOI City Mall, we always emphasize on an environment that caters for all ages. This festive, come and celebrate with us as we bring upon exciting line-ups, such as Moroccan Dance, Riang Raya Dance Show, Arabic Dance, Traditional Malay Dance & Joget Lambak, Belly Dance, on-ground activities by Gymboree, batik and ceramic painting workshops,” Chris commented. All activities will be conducted on every weekends and Public Holidays at the Moroccan Square, Lower Ground Centre Court. 

Joyous Celebration with the Kids 

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of the mall, the launch of ‘A Mystical Ramadan’ celebration also see children from Rumah Penyayang Ulin Nuha joining the event for a meaningful touch to the mall’s festive celebration. Earlier today, the children enjoyed complimentary Angry Birds movie session by Golden Screen Cinemas, followed with Hari Raya shopping at Parkson, LOL and Zurfauzie Classic. Additionally, the children also received various sponsored items by BMS Organics, Castania, Caring Pharmacy, Edibee, Yubiso, along with workshop activity by Artopanda. At the end of the launch, the kids were treated to a ‘Buka Puasa’, sponsored by Texas Chicken Malaysia. ‘This year marks our very first Hari Raya celebration and we are thankful to IOI City Mall and its generous sponsors for granting the children’s wish to celebrate the festive, just like everyone else,’’ said Puan Norjia, representative of Rumah Penyayang Ulin Nuha. ________________________________________________________________________

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Photoss courtesy of  IOI City Mall

Saturday 11 June 2016

Salam Ramadan 1437H / 2016

Half Season

Jan - June

"It's important to know that at the end of the day it's not the medals you remember. What you remember is the process -- what you learn about yourself by challenging yourself, the experiences you share with other people, the honesty the training demands -- those are things nobody can take away from you whether you finish twelfth or you're an Olympic Champion."
-Silken Laumann, Canadian Olympian

18 acara:
1. 75km - WG16hrs Putrajaya 
2. 47km - UiTM Shah Alam 
Full Marathon (s) 
3. Twin City Cyberjaya 
4.Delima Langkawi 
5. Perlis
Half Marathon (s) 
6. Shah Alam 
7. Alor Setar 
8. UEM Persada Subang 
9. MHWH Night Run Penang 
10. Melaka Heritage City 
11. Muar 
12. Nilai 
10km (s) 
13. Shamrock
14. Warrior Trail 
15. Bomba KL
16. Bomba Jerai 
18. Save Our Rain Forest 
1. Route 68
2. Onesie Run

Seronok bersua rakan2 pelari sepanjang January - June. Moga bersua di lain masa.

Perlis Marathon 2016

Stadium Kangar 
12.01 am
29 Mei 2016

1. Edisi kali ini lebih meriah, buat pertama kali Perlis Marathon diadakan (tahun lepas ada 21km sahaja). Penyertaan tahun ini lebih ramai dari tahun lepas. 

2. Suasana malam sebelum pelepasan adalah mengujakan. Pelari dan pengunjung di hiburan dengan band, lagu-lagu dari Thai, Hindi, Gaban semua ada. 

3. Kategori FM dilepaskan pada 12.01am, di ikuti HM pada 12.30 am. 10km dan 5km dilepaskan lepas jam 7am. Cuaca pada 12am - 7am adalah baik, dan selepas 7am hujan renyai, dan lebat selepas 9am.

4. Ruang pelepasan pada tahun ini lebih kemas, banyak barricade disediakan. 

5. Laluan FM adalah dari Perkarangan Stadium menghala ke Jalan Utama Kangar Arau, u-turn di Arau, kemudian masuk semula ke Kangar, bandar , menempuh laluan lurus, dan u-turn di KM33, masuk ke Bandar dan seterusnya tamat di Perkarangan stadium (Rujuk gambar untuk rajah laluan lengkap). 

6. Kawalan trafik adalah sangat baik. Jalan ditutup sepenuhnya untuk pelari. Sangat selesa untuk berlari. 

7. Di sepanjang Jalan Kangar ke Arau, ramai masyarakat setempat hadir ke tepi jalan memberikan sokongan /menyaksikan acara Perlis Marathon. Sungguh meriah. 

8. Laluan di Arau, menarik dengan lampu hiasan. Halaman Istana Arau dibuka untuk pelari selfie /photo stops. I did stopped here. 

9. Terdapat group percussion menghiburkan pelari saat uturn km13. Hilang bosan seketika.

10. Water station adalah sangat baik. Setiap 2km, ada juga sponge di beberapa WS. Pisang dan gels disediakan. Air dan 100plus, ada. Air sirap disediakan di km30, juga laksa. Terdapat pancuran air di km35.

11. km marker disediakan, ia nya jelas dan tepat. 

12. Tamat disediakan nasi kandar, selain snack pack mngandungi roti, air kotak. Ruang penamat lebih tersusun tahun ini. Medal dan baju penamat tidak mengecewakan. 

12. Oh ya, saya tamat dengan jam besar menunjukkan 5:54. Yay dalam COT 6jam.

13. Saya tidak menyaksikan pelepasan 10km dan 5km, kerana pulang rehat dan mengantuk. Sesi lucky draw juga saya terlepas. 

14. Tahniah kepada semua, terutama beberapa rakan FMV pada pagi ini. 

15. Suatu lagi edisi Perlis Marathon yg baik penganjurannya. Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada penganjur, pelari, anggota keselamatan , medik, penyokong dan semua. Jumpa lagi tahun hadapan.

Larian Jerai Bersama Bomba

28 Mei 2016
8.00 am
Gunung Jerai, Gurun, Kedah 

1. Ini adalah acara tahunan anjuran Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Negeri Kedah sompena sambutan Hari Bomba Sedunia. 

2. Selain daripada larian, aktiviti di tapak kaki Gunung Jerai diserikan dengan pameran kebombaan , gerai penaja, aktiviti mewarna untuk kanak-kanak, pertandingan pakai sut bomba, dan padam api. 

3. Hampir 500 peserta menyertai larian. Selepas sesi taklimat dan pemanasan badan, peserta dilepaskan selepas jam 8 pagi. 

4. Laluan adalah di atas Jalan raya menuju ke puncak Jerai. Jarak adalah sekitar 9.3km, memandangkan edisi kali ini adalah tamat di dalam Hutan Lipur Sungai Teroi, kira-kira 2km dari Regency Gunung Jerai. 

5. Dengan pendakian hampir 800 meter, laluan disediakan 4 water station, langkap dengan air dan 100plus. Peserta diberikan 2 gelang getah sebagai tanda. 

6. Laluan adalah menarik, panorama di Gunung Jerai (boleh on lagu tema Cinta Pantai Merdeka, eh, heheeh). Selain berlari, berjalan, seperti biasa saya bergambar di laluan. 

7. Selepas mendaki, peserta menuruni bukit curam ke garisan penamat di hadapan Kolam di Hutan Lipur Sungai Teroi. Cantik kawasan ini, cuaca Pagi pun nyaman. 

8. 150 orang peserta awal mendapat medal, dan 200 awal berpeluang untuk lucky draw sesi pertama. 

9. Saya sampai di kedudukan 114. Yeay. Seterusnya, bergambar, beri sokongan pada rakan-rakan dan mandi kolam, berenang segar kan badan. 

10. Selepas tamat sesi di garisan penamat, peserta dibawa turun dengan menaiki shuttle yg disediakan, memang agak lama menunggu, tetapi factor logistic dan geography laluan Gunung Jerai, maka, bertabahlah. 

11. Tiba di kawasan pelepasan, peserta diberikan snack pack dan sesi cabutan bertuah dan penyampaian hadiah diadakan. 

12. Keseluruhannya, suatu acara yang baik di anjurkan oleh JBPM Kedah. Beberapa penambahbaikan boleh di ambil untuk edisi akan datang, seperti waktu pelepasan, signage amaran ke FL, shuttle dan sebagai nya. Tahniah kepada penganjur. Tahniah juga kepada semua. Sekalung penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada rakan - rakan pelari Alor Setar yg banyak bantu saya di cabaran ini. 

13. Tercapai impian saya untuk pertama kali sampai ke Gunung Jerai (walaupun tidak sampai ke puncak kali ini, there is always next time). Cabaran diteruskan dengan bermarathon di Kangar pula pada tengah malam nanti. Jumpa lagi di lain masa. 


Larian Antarabangsa Jambatan Sultan Mahmud 2019

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